Self Care Is Also A Journey

Self Care Is Also A Journey

As we closed out another season of hair growth at Mia Mo Styles I was reminded yet again why I love styling the Goal Getter women of Phoenix, Arizona. 

Goal Getters are confident, educated,  organized in their respective fields and with their hair care regimen. They are dedicated to their journeys and are members of the My Hair Goals Program. When they go out into the world they show up ready to Zoom, slay, and play. Here is what a few members who completed their programs had to say:


"As a new mom heading back into work after maternity leave this was the perfect program for me. I didn’t have as much time as I used to pre baby let alone time to maintenance my own hair and look professional for work." 


"The experience was so good I added my daughters to the program. For me personally the program addressed my thinning sides and my overall hair health. For my daughters their hair is longer, fuller and healthier. She wears her hair natural and looks amazing." 


"This was the first time I felt like I learned a lot about healthy hair and afterward I felt I had been given the tools to maintain my healthy hair." 


"It was always a pleasant visit. She made sure that I was comfortable and did not need anything. She played the type of music I liked and her conversation was always on point. She is a great hairstylist"


Click Here to Watch Diamonds Hair Journey: 


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