7 Ways To Style Your Life in 2023

7 Ways To Style Your Life in 2023


Last year was a whirlwind of life love and opportunities...

On the bright side I moved back to Los Angeles, relocated the Mia Mo Styles salon to Scottsdale, and worked as lead hairstylist on my first LA film.  On the trial side I watch two people very close to me battle cancer, juggled living and working in 2 states and explored the wonderful world of roommates.

For years I’ve always adhered to the saying “When you look good, you feel good”. However, I have been on a journey of self care since 2018 that makes how you look, nothing more than the Icing on this cake called life.

Today I’m sharing with you how I’m styling the life of my dreams, showing appreciation for  each chapter in my book, and a few resources that will help you do the same. Check them out below.


  1. Read self care and self actualization books or Audibles daily. It’s no secret that I’m an avid reader. I love curling up with a good book and a cup of white chocolate mocha in the morning. But spending the last 7 months of 2022 on the road Audible has become a great roadie as well. Here is a short list  of some favorites you can enjoy on your commute or with a cup of coffee at home.
  2. Log off of social media. Did you know just 2 hours a day on social media between now and the day you turn 90 will be 5 years spent scrolling online. We all love to be entertained. Social media platforms, algorithms and explorer pages are designed to keep you on their apps longer. But do yourself a favor. Spend those 5 years living. If you have a habit of surfing your favorite social app before the sun rises. Consider developing a morning routine for that time inside. Or setting in app alerts that will remind you of your bigger goals along the way.
  3. Write out your thoughts daily. Journaling is something I have done daily since I was a little girl. Now that ima an adult, I have different journals for different topics of life. I have a dream journal, and a fitness journal just to give you a couple examples. You don’t have to go that far but It’s a great way tap in with your feelings and organize your thoughts. If you’re new to journaling and meditation guided prompts are available to help you make this a part of your daily routine.
  4. Visualize & Manifest. Do you have a vision for life? Have you wrote it down? Do you pray and meditate on it daily? Are you taking small action steps towards them? The life of your dreams isn’t as far away as it seems. This is a great time to create a vision board and begun to feel the life you desire while showing gratitude for the one you are living right now. Even if you take one actions step a day that’s 365 steps a year.  I had a bad habit of making long todo lists that I could never complete then walking away from them. Which is why I developed the Mogul Vision Day Planner (Releasing Spring 2023) it’s sole purpose is to help you move through the day with ease. Making big like goals small actionable steps.
  5. Stop entertaining low vibrational and surface level relationships. It can be difficult to recognize the quality of our connections if we do not know what we desire or do not embody these characteristics ourself. So before you go cutting off everyone you consider a bad friend ask yourself if the connection is mutual. Are you showing up for yourself the way you expect others to show up for you? Do you check in with yourself? Do you honor your feelings? Are you consistent with your care? Are you a loyal friend? Do you speak positively to yourself? Sometimes we complain about our surrounds as if weren’t not capable of changing them and any point in our life. But the honest truth is, if we cultivated these connections then we are perfectly capable of changing them. The first action always starts with self. 
  6. Dress to impress yourself. When you look in the mirror everything from the crown of your head to the pedicure of your toes is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. Sometimes we hold on to an outdated version of ourselves out of comfort or familiarity but the best version of yourself is waiting for you to embrace change. So yes take a chance on a new hairstyle or buy yourself a new outfit. You will never know what the 2023 version of you looks like if you’re still hanging out with 2022.
  7. Embrace sisterhood and like minded connections. You don’t have to do everything with everyone but make an effort to link up with people who have similar desires and goals. You might be surprised where valuable support can take you. The energy we spend trying to convince others to participate in certain activities or lifestyle changes should be applied to our own lives! Make those changes and you will meet your tribe along the journey. A few clients and I will be participating in a workout challenge to get our blood flowing starting January 29th (let me know if your interesting in joining us).

Bonus embrace a healthy life style. Because when you look better you do feel better and you have to confidence to take on the world. The mind is also a part of the body. It's also working of those chick oil a nuggets. So If you find yourself struggle to clearing your mind of negative thoughts and feels we must train our mind and body together. Try reading affirmations out loud while walking the treadmill. One of my favorite apps is called I AM you can download it here from the app store.


If you found at least one of these tips beneficial. Shoot me a reply with which one stood out the most and why. I’m looking forward to chatting with you more.


Glow & Slay


Mia Mo

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