All Facts No BS: The Truth About Tape In Extensions

All Facts No BS: The Truth About Tape In Extensions


Tape in extensions are trending again! With their versatility and natural look its no surprise that this was a heavily requested service this Summer. They can be a great stand alone service or a bombshell upgrade to a Blowout (more on this option below). But before you click that book now button lets talk pros and cons of these trendy tresses:


Let’s start with the Pros


  1. Are They Versatile?

Tape in extensions are essentially one of the most versatile and naturally flat extension services. Similar to micro links their wefts are shorter making it easier for you to part your hair different ways when applied correctly by a professional of course.


  1. Are they heavy on the hair?

Tape ins are very light weight with a natural install and slightly heavier in density for a glamour install.


  1. What’s the difference between a natural and glam install?

A natural install can be achieve with 80 – 90 pieces

A glam install is about 100 – 120 pieces.


  1. How long does an install last?

Your tape in extensions can last about 6 – 8 weeks which is the longest amount of time I suggest you go in any one style. Just like other services some people do go longer but I would not suggest this.


  1. What textures are they available in?

At this time kinky straight and body wave is are the available textures on the website. Kinky straight is the closest texture to our natural state. This is essential if you plan on washing your hair during this install.


  1. Can the hair be colored?

Yes this hair is virgin so it can be colored and it’s a great way to add highlights to your hair without the commitment of coloring your natural.


Sounds pretty good so far? I’m glad to hear it, but Let’s move on to the cons before you make your final decision. These are also some things you should know:


  1. Can you reuse them?

Yes tape ins can be reused, however the process is not quick or easy. A new adhesive strip would be required prior to reinstalling them to ensure they have the same level of secure at the first install.


  1. Is this service protective?

No. tape ins are applied at the base of your hair strands for the this very natural appearance, since you’re hair isn’t braided down like a weave  or wig it is not considered a protective style.


  1. What if I sweat in my head?

Someone who sweats profusely or has a heavy sebum production can still get a tape in install however your install will last between 4-6 weeks. Sweat and sebum will of course require you to wash your hair more. A dry shampoo is suggested for longevity.


  1. Can I touch up my roots?

Not with a flat iron as it will melt the adhesive. Most of us have kinky and curly hair. This is why I suggest getting the kinky straight bundles for maximum blend or booking a Brazilian Blowout with your install. This will help keep you hair from kinking up on you during the length of your install and you wont have to worry about your roots not blending.


  1. How do I know if I’m a good candidate?

Most people with medium density are the best candidates for this service. If you hair is too thick chances are the tape ins wont blend and if your hair is too thin they wont be covered and we don’t want to see that either, your best option is to consult with your stylist.



Still excited? Awesome, so am I!


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