The New Wave: Natural Looking Extensions

The New Wave: Natural Looking Extensions

Is This All Your Hair?

This remark has been heard far and wide by women of color with long tresses. Compliment or disrespect? Doesn't matter because the honest truth is your hair looks good! Let's save the body wave for the "baddies". Today's spotlight is on Kinky and curly hair extensions and because you can embrace textures that look like they grew out of your head while growing your hair underneath.


From Beyonce

to HER

to SZA Kink hair extensions are back on the rise.

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Even Chloe Bailey is making major waves showing off just how versatile her locks are and how they "far from" limit her to one style.

But how do we decide which texture is right to live out our kinky haired goddess dreams? lets take a look at one of my goal getters favorites below:


Kinky Straight 

From the moment I discovered this texture kinky blow out became my personal favorite! My love for the texture grew while on my girls trip to Miami! I opted for the tape in install and the texture is so close to my hair blow dried! I loved that I didn't have to flat iron it if I didn't want to. No need to apply unnecessary heat with this hair. However this hair is the easiest to straighten (hence the name) so if you're looking for an unclockable blend while kinky curled blow dried or straightened this is the texture for you. Check out some clips of me in my tape ins Miami weekend on my instagram 

Want to try out kinky straight yourself?

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