Healthy Hair Goals

Growing up in California, my hair was always long and healthy. However, when my family moved to Arizona my hair, like so many other women of color, went through a change due to the weather. It dried up on me, and it broke off. For the first time in my life I didn't know what to do with it or how to care for it. The desire to gain a better understanding of my hair eventually led me to cosmetology school. The education I received there laid the foundation of the "My Hair Goals" Program. 

What once was a product package called 6to6", became an innovative take on how to elevate the client/stylist experience. Products and services are combined and tailored to every clients individual needs. There is no membership program on the market like My Hair Goals. It wont be long before you to see and experience the difference with your hair. 


Do you struggle with maintaining your hair health and length? Are you tired of paying top dollar stylists only to fend for yourself with upkeep? Do you want to take home your salon experience and remove the frustration of upkeep? The My Hair Goals program is here to guide you along your hair journey. I educate every client on how to develop healthy hair habits, because you spend way more time at home than you do in salon with me. Over the last five years I've developed a hair care regimen that completely focuses on your goals. Are you ready for a healthy scalp? Curl definition? Waist length natural tresses? A consistent regimen with proven results will get you there. The main thing to keep in mind is patience, love, and time. Sounds like you're ready to crush your hair goals this year, and every year that follows! Join My Hair Goals in my Peoria, AZ salon today. You can sign up today, your hair will thank you later! 


What' s so great about My Hair Goals that sets it apart from other salon memberships? Your program is customized to fit your hair needs! Stop piling a bunch of drug store products under your bathroom sink. Stop searching for a solution in a sea of services. This healthy hair challenge paired with the proper program, will make maintaining your hair much more manageable!