Snatch Your Edges Back

Snatch Your Edges Back

Here are 3 easy options for maintain your natural hair between visits with Me!



We all have different goals when it comes to our natural hair. Some of us are looking to grow, while others are looking to maintain. Both hair goals require a consistent regimen. I wrote 6 Steps to 6 Inches April of 2020 when everyone was sent home from work during the peak of the pandemic. This E-book is packed full of resources and references on how to not just grow 6 inches of hair this year but see them flourish in a healthy way. Take the “Cosmo Style” quiz inside to see exactly what your hair needs to get healthy.


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This isn’t your grannys wig she kept in the closet, they have come a long way. Wigs are much more natural looking, give you opportunities to try new lengths and hair colors. You can go longer or shorter without the permanent commitment that comes with shears. Many of my quarterly and 6-month clients have made the switch from weaves to wigs. If you know regular salon visits to tighten and maintain your sewin isn’t a priority then it may be time to join them. Wigs, just like weaves can help your hair grow and are far less intrusive since they are not sewn down track by track. I personal prefer my wigs over sewins because of their versatility since I don’t sew mine down. My hair changes with my mood but Im able to moisturize my hair and oil my scalp easily.


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Maybe The creamy crack is a fix you cant seem to shake, or maybe your flat iron has become your favorite and most convenient hot too. Either way, your natural curls are crying out for healing. If you aren’t visiting the salon often but you find your curls have become a victim of heat and relaxer damage put the hot tools down! Heat damage just like relaxer damage isn’t reversible. However there are products I love that can make the process or restoring as tangle and stress free as possible.


Get The Goodies Here.



If you have made the commitment to make this haircare journey a solo one I’d love to hear from you. Did you find any of these suggestions helpful?

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