1 Virgin Bundle


One Bundle

My Hair Goals Provides the most reliable, top quality virgin hair at an affordable rate!

• 100% Pure Virgin Hair
• 1 bundle (3.5-4.0 oz)
• 3 bundles are suggested for fullness
• Our hair is collected in its natural color from 1 donor
• No tangle or shedding


MHG provides high quality virgin hair extensions. These 100 % human hair extensions can last you well over a year with proper care and maintenance.


Care for your extensions as you would your natural hair, shampooing and conditioning when needed. It is okay to wash your extension and I RECOMMEND it. Use a light sulfate free and or color-safe shampoo if your extensions have been processed. 


Conditioner is necessary to maintain softness and luster.


Air drying is always best especially to maintain curly and wavy textures. If you must blow dry always apply a moisturizer and serum first. Washes with installed extensions or wigs should be done at the beginning of the day. Going to bed on wet hair can cause extreme tangling because the hair is in a fragile state when wet.


For products I suggest a light water based moisturizer. Avoid applying heavy oils and curl creams to the hair. Instead, opt for a light moose for curly textures and serum can be applied daily to all textures for added smoothness and shine.


I do not suggest brushing your extensions as it can be very rough on the hair and lace. I love to use rake and wide tooth combs.

For detangling purposes, the best brush to use on your extensions is a Denman due to its cone shaped bristles. It detangles bundles, wigs and lace effortlessly with minimal shedding. 


When detangling always start and the ends and work your way up to the base/weft. There will be MINIMAL to NO shedding. The great thing about these extensions is they’re constructed to last so the more gentle you are the longer they’ll last you.


I’ve seen extensions with split ends, don’t be that girl! Ive had clients keep their wigs well over 5+ years with proper care, so take care of all of your hair =)

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